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I’ve had a bunch of people ask me lately why I’m spending the time to work through old material. Why OH WHY, Jason, are you spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours on this stuff!? Why not move on!? You could be spending your time working on something new!

Well, here’s why, it just makes sense. Look, if you spent thousands in budget, used up cast and crew member hours and you have all this footage logged, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to get complete on the projects that you were so motivated to move on before? As some say, better late than never. It’s true that I’m piecing together old projects, but I’m getting close to complete and you know what? I have picked up a huge chunk of knowledge I didn’t have before. This includes audio clean-up techniques, compositing, color correction and much much more. Having gained these skills, I’ll head into new projects with a better idea on how to get the best shot to accommodate post production needs.

This is a win-win situation because I end up learning while building a portfolio of work. A the same time, I’m proving that I can and will complete projects from start to finish. This speaks volumes as I imagine it’s a bit of a plague for many filmmakers to get going on projects and then lose their steam halfway through. Unfortunately, if you plan to put yourself out there and climb the ranks in a big way you have to show you got what it takes to go from point A to point B.

The moral of this story? Don’t quit. Keep moving your project along. Your projects are a reflection of who you are and the kind of character you have. This isn’t just about making movies, it’s about growth, as an individual. You can take this concept and apply it in your personal life right now!

Winners win, quitters quit. Where do you fall?

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